British Red Cross First Aid App

What is this?

You never know when you might need to give first aid. The British Red Cross have a free first aid app which includes a range of first aid scenarios that you may come across and short 'what to do' video clips you can follow in an emergency.  You can download the app from Apple and Android stores or via the website.

You can also download the Baby and Child First Aid app and look at first aid courses they have available via this web page. 

How long does it take?

Downloading the app should take a few minutes at most. If you can't find it in the app store or are not sure it's the right one, there is a download button on their website. 


It is free to download and use the app.

First aid courses are from £37.50 plus VAT for a one day in-person course. They also offer a free first aid workshop for anyone 19 years of age or above.

Certified courses may require a larger fee. Each course on the course finder will clearly display the required fee prior to registration.


Simply visit the website by clicking the red button below to read more and find the download link.

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