IMPACT Project - Improving Adult Care Together

What is this?

IMPACT is a £15 million project to improve adult care, both for the people who draw on care and those who work in the sector. They have been doing lots of research involving many different groups, including direct payment employers and PAs.  They will make improvements by looking at what the research is telling them, listening to people who use services and their carers and listening to people who work in the sector. You can also subscribe to their email service to get updates on how the project is progressing.

How long does it take?

There is lots of information on the website. You can watch the 'who are we' video on the about us page which takes 55 seconds. There are also several other videos available throughout the website all under 1 minute in length.


It is free to view the website and access the resources. 


To find out more, visit their website by clicking on the red button below.

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