Opening Doors: Trauma Informed Practice for the Workforce

What is this?

This animated video is about how workers can support people who have been affected by trauma.  This video has been produced by NHS Scotland and is aimed at people who work in all sorts of roles including carers, emergency services, teachers, council, doctors and dentists.  It covers how past trauma can affect people throughout their lives and how you can take steps to help them regain control and confidence.

If you work with someone who has experienced trauma in their lives, it gives you tips on how you can make it easier for them to trust you and take on new tasks or experiences. If you have experienced trauma in your own life, it might help you identify tools to help you particularly when dealing with people you don't know or in unfamiliar situations. 

The video includes resources and support services available in Scotland.  English/UK equivalents include:

Women's Aid 
Rape Crisis England and Wales

We have lots of resources in our Wellbeing section which may also be helpful.

How long does it take?

The video lasts 8 minutes and 41 seconds. 


It is free to watch this video. 


To watch the video, simply click on the link below. 

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