Sensory Rooms

What is this?

This is an article which explores the setup and use of sensory rooms for those who have autism or other sensory sensitivies.

Sensory rooms are specific environments to help them with overstimulation and provide a safe space to practice their coping skills.

They incorporate interactble items that focus on different types of stimulation - Visual (sight), Auditory (sound), Olfactory (smell), Tactile (touch) and Body Awareness.

How long does it take?

The article has 6 sections that collectively will take between 20 to 30 minutes to read. Each section is clearly marked on the right side of the page if you need to return later.

If you wish to implement the ideas in the article then setup time will depend on what items you or the employer already have available.


The article is free to read.

Items suggested in the article will cost money if you or the employer don't already have the items available e.g. fidget toys, weighted blankets, excercise balls.

It's suggested that an existing room is converted instead of building a new room to save on costs. Each persons circumstances will differ and therefore so will the costs.

As a PA you are not expected to pay for something on behalf of your employer.


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