Sue Ryder - Palliative, Neurological and Bereavement Support

What is this?

Sue Ryder is a charity that supports people who are living with a terminal illness, a neurological condition or who have lost someone. Their website has lots of useful information as well as directories for local support services for people suffering a terminal illness or neurological condition. There is a bereavement community section and access to free short term online bereavement support. There is lots of useful guidance on often difficult subjects, such as what to expect when someone is close to death and how you can help them. 

How long does it take?

You can look at this website at your leisure. 


It is free to access this website. Most of the services they provide are free to the patient and their families and are funded by charitable donations. They do have an online shop as part of this website through which you can buy items, the prices are clearly shown. 


To find out more, visit their website by clicking on the red button below.

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