The Sleep Charity

What is this?

This is a website with loads of useful information on sleep, why it is so important and how to make sure you get enough of it!

We like the Information and Support Section - which has tips for sleep hygiene, how to create a good environment for sleep, sleep disorders and how shift work can affect sleep, which may be particularly useful if you are a PA who sometimes works at night.  There are lots of Advice Sheets that you can download and print off.

There is also a section on children and sleep which may help if you are a parent or carer of a child who struggles to sleep at night. 

Other sections on the website are aimed at professionals, including training courses (although these have a cost) and links to other organisations.

How long does it take?

You can look at the website at your leisure.


Most of the content on the website is free to access. There are paid for training courses (from £40 for the Foundation Sleep Workshop).  


The website home page can be accessed by clicking on the red button below. 

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