Being a personal assistant - Skills for Care Toolkit

What is this?


Skills for Care is a strategic workforce development organisation for people working in the social care sector, including personal assistants (PAs). Their website is full of useful information including the 'Being a personal assistant' toolkit which covers all the key areas about what is involved in being a PA and how to do a great job.  This includes useful advice on how to find the right role as a PA, what you need to get started and some of the legal aspects around working for a direct payment employer. You can access this information via their website directly or by reading the PDF version which you can download on to your own computer.

How long does it take?

You can access the website at any time. There is quite a lot of information on there but it is divided into easy to read chapters. 


The information is free to read and download.


Simply click on the red button below to access the information on the Skills for Care website or you can download the PDF by clicking on the document link in the grey box.

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