National Minimum Wage Rates Increase on 1st April 2024

The national minimum wage rates and the national living wage rate are increasing on 1st April 2024. It is a legal requirement for your employer to pay you this hourly rate. 

Age of Worker                                                       Hourly Rate

National Living Wage (21 and over)                      £11.44

18 to 20 years old                                                    £8.60

16 to 17 years old                                                    £6.40

Apprentice Rate                                                       £6.40

Accomodation Offset                                              £9.99

If you are not currently being paid the national minimum rate, please speak to your employer in the first instance as they may not realise this. They may need to talk to their direct payment support provider if they are worried about covering the new rate within their budget. 

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