Being a Great PA - Video Training Bank

What is this?

This is a one-page flyer that details the four short training videos Penderels Trust has created for PAs and those thinking of being a PA. The flyer includes the links ot the videos which you can just click to start the video you have chosen. All the videos are very short (less than 5 minutes).   

The videos in this series are all under the Being a Great PA banner and cover Rights and Responsibilities, Working Relationships and Safeguarding Awareness (these can also be found in this PA Employment section) and The PA Role (found in the Being a PA section).  

How long does it take?

The videos vary in length, the longest is just over 4 minutes (Rights and Responsibilities), the shortest are under 2 minutes long. 


They are free.


Simply click on the red button below to view the flyer. You can also download it to your computer if you wish. 

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