SCIE - Dignity in Care

What is this?

Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE) is a Government-funded organisation and charity.  The aim of SCIE is to improve learning and development in the social care sector through training and resources.  There is a lot of useful information on the main website (, including videos and free online training. There also some paid for training courses. 

We like the Dignity in Care section of their website which is not a training course as such but a collection of really good resources about this topic. Dignity in care means providing care that supports the self-respect of the person, recognising their capabilities and ambitions and does nothing to undermine it. This guide is aimed at care providers, whilst much of this information is mainly aimed at people who work in care homes or care agencies, the principles of dignity in care are the same for a PA. 

There are sections on defining dignity in care, recognising the individual, warmth & kindness, information & communication and a dignified death. Most of the information is to read on screen but there is also a collection of videos you can watch. 

How long does it take?

You can browse the website at your leisure.


The resources on the website are free to access.


You simply need to click on the red button below to access the website. 

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